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Crammed Reflection Paper turned into Drastic Poem

When you only got 3 hours to pass your paper and you do not want to write a short story then you got to try producing a crappy poem for NatSci1. First month, first year, first poem in college, first cram, first stupid laugh.
(by: Liberty Nikka Casio)
My story is much too sad to be said
That everything leaves me totally stressed
‘Cause there is nothing that could make me repulse
For I want to forget once and for all
But you have such persistence
To know my very existence
Gravity is the only chance
You were down my resistance
I can reflect what was wrong
I pray that I can be strong
But force exist between two objects
Basic force of nature, I can’t reject
The interaction is greater
When you are nearer
Because each look, each touch
You attract me too much
I never have the least notion
That I could fall with so much emotion
I really don’t know how it all came about
‘Cause I’m too pressured that there’s no getting out
The gods may throw a dice
As fast as the speed of light
Although I see danger there
If there’s a chance, then I don’t care
Perhaps this final act was meant
To clinch a lifetime’s argument
That to every single action
There’s always equal but opposite reaction.

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