Liberty's Journal

A Time of Serenity for Liberty

I am quite feeling down and agitated this day. I am not able to concentrate and focus on what to do first because of tons of things to do in school. I have about 5-6 school papers (3 concept papers, 1 analysis, 1 research paper, etc) and an exam due this week. I could not think properly that is why I went strolling like I use to. I do this just to relax and take things off my head. Sometimes I do this to contemplate on problems or think about certain facts or lessons that troubles me. I also do my prayer during these times.

And about two hours ago, I could n’t take it any longer that is why I walked outside our dormitory and decided to take a jeep to the Parish of Holy Sacrifice. I went into the Adoration Chapel like I always do since my elementary days. I prayed and asked for guidance. I felt His presence and He whispered things but there is one thing He conveyed to me. RELAX. BE CALM. BE STILL. I AM ALWAYS HERE. I AM WATCHING. “You are with me.”

I felt a surge of confidence and calmness. Serenity it is.

I like to share a certain verse and a phrase I read during my time in the adoration chapel.

“Behold, God is my salvation, I will trust and not be afraid” – Isaiah 12:2

>We realize the strength of the Anchor when we feel the stress of the storm.

God is my Anchor. He will Never let me drift away.
In serene and quiet places, there I find His presence much more conducing and stronger. As once my childhood belief goes: when the silence envelopes me, there are angels and there is God embracing and surrounding me with holiness and graciousness.

For I am Liberty. I am an Angel of God. I am a child of God.


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