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Drastic Poem #1

-This is a poem I made within 5mins. That is why I called this drastic coz of the short time and the less of emotions(exerted by me) in making this. And I could not say that I already experienced the interpretation you will come up(if there is any). I hope you will appreciate it.-

I hate to say goodbyes, I love seeing you go.
It is not you nor you’ve done. It is me who got all done.
My farewells are my greetings.
‘Till we go back to the beginning.
This is not a roller coaster ride, this is a country road trip.
Tiptoe through the hip hop, sway side by side.
Plunging to your death, joyful with my breathe.
These may not make sense.
Yet, I wanna say…
I loved you with all my coldness.
Hope you got some jacket.


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