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Let Us Talk: All About Suicide

When you have a problem, you will take your time to mull over it and decide the best solution you can do at hand.

Yet, if you got a series of problems from a snowball effect caused by several things you could hardly mention. And you feel and think that there is no way out and no one will ever care to hear it even empathize with you, you sorted into the most dangerous decision and solution you could ever think of. Suicide.

If you are considering or feels that someone you know or someone you just seem to recognized being suicidal, do not just sit there and imagine what horrible things you or that person could to do to his/her or yourself. Seek help or some advise. Do not just seek help and not be determined to need one. You should also think and consider that there is even one person out there that is willing to hear you out and help you get through your struggles.

All you have to do is pick the right person. Who am I kidding? There is no right person who could help me or even trustworthy.

You are wrong.

You will and can find that very person if you will just let your mind and emotions settle in finding that person. Try vaguely stating things that shows that you are struggling with something and you might need help from him/her. Try to give hints or state the tiniest of your problems, if that person responded in a way that helped you, or made you feel less hopeless, thanked that person.

You can try to venture further and tell that person about the next tiniest of your problems. But you must know that in every problem you have, there might be a one person who could help you see the light you never seen before, yet there are several people who could still help you in each of your problem.

I know some of you might think this as too late or it doesn’t matter anymore.

But pray. Pray to whoever you consider as your creator or God. Pray for some guidance and for a solution that will not lead you in ending your life.

Seek help.


Do not shut yourself out from those people who is willing to help and accept the things that came in being you.


Do not consider that no one cares because they could not understand. They might just seeing you in the way you want them to. You might letting them see that you do not have a huge problem. You should let them take a peek inside your darkest orb.


Take time and a little bit courage to let them understand what you are going through.


Give a little patience in explaining this because you might be struggling but they are also struggling to reach out to you and help you go through whatever you are in.


Never think that it would be better if you wasn’t here.


Never. Attempt. To . Kill. Yourself.

Never. Commit. Suicide.

We are here for you.

HE is always there for you.

There is a person who cares.

People care about you.

Stay strong.


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