An incredible thing silence is. It is mostly referred as the absence of noise.

Absence of sound.  But how come silence is considered as a reward? Isn’t noise a much rewarding word? Noise is the opposite of silence in which sound is most abundant. Noise in party clubs, carnivals, birthday parties, contests, and war. There is also reward in noise where one wins a lottery or gamble. A reward of being praised and being known by anyone. A reward not all of us would want to have.

There is always something fascinating about how silence touched our lives. How silence gives meaning to something indefinable. People of these days especially the youth would always seek for enjoyment. Where would they find the enjoyment they are searching? They found it in sports where the excitement is a great factor. Excitement in winning the price, the honor of being called as a champion, and the pride of showing to everyone that you are someone. Someone who could beat your opponent with ease or struggle with elegance.

Some found it in party clubs where disco balls are once been the highlight. However, years passed and light orbs, eerie disk jockeys, and light colored smokes took its place. Even lasers which came in different hues and ear splitting sounds become in demand. Young adults find it enthralling to dance wildly while talking to each other at the top of their lungs with fierce drinks on hands.

Victory is captivating in the ears. Victory by war is more enchanting especially to young boys with mesmerized eyes watching soldiers marching down the lane with their long-nosed guns plastered to their sides. Cries of victory are noises almost everyone longed to hear at the brick of a war taking its toll.

With all of these exhilarations, anticipations, and suspense noise could bring, there is still silence to follow its trail. A timid word that will make all the wild ones clam their tongues. Shouts turn into smiles and running into tiptoes. Silence has these effects. With only one utter of this word, a child gets confused and will remain hushed.

Yet, silence has a further grasp to the things that surrounds it, mostly of people. In silence, we find solace. A relaxation we could not get from blasting sound from clubs or guns firing in battle fields. In silence, we find unknown and undiscovered things even the indolent would realize something from it. Something that only those who seek blindly will stumble upon it without realizing that they have found one of the greatest rewards this life could bring. A life full of resistance and fights will only means that there is comfort in something unrecognized as the silence magically could do.

Unyielding and unbending silence could be. To those who lost someone dear to them seek out silence and unexpectedly they would find memories. Memories that bring joy just like finding water after walking in a vast desert for hundred days although loneliness will strike its talons same as a beady crow also peaking its way through flesh and bones later on. Whispered condolences floating its way through out hollowed church touching all souls that will face the reality of the silence they are experiencing.

Though the emptiness one could feel of being enveloped by silence could be replaced by the bliss one will stumble on while searching for the unknown that will make that very person complete. Just like an empty home finding a family that will stay on its four corners and bring warmth. A silent warmth.



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