It’s almost a year since I last read a pocketbook for pure relaxation or enjoyment. Now, I just did what you call a book shopping.
C360_2014-05-14-22-23-45-267     C360_2014-05-14-23-31-55-035     C360_2014-05-14-22-22-22-437

I really enjoyed buying and looking for many novel authors and their works. I bought three novels and these are The Clocks written by my favorite mystery writer, no other than Dame Agatha Christie. And there is also They Do It With Mirrors which our Queen of Crime also wrote.

C360_2014-05-14-22-26-22-339      C360_2014-05-14-22-24-33-154

I also bought a classic romance novel by Jane Austen, the Pride and Prejudice.

C360_2014-05-14-22-31-22-101 I am really excited to stick my nose in this famous work because I already watched the movie adaptation where Keira Knightley portrayed the female protagonist well and Matthew Macfadyen making my heart skip whenever he does that gentleman and chivalrous thing he does with his character. To sum it all up, I am really excited and enthusiastic to read all these books I just bought with my own money.



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