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Eng 10 Pilot Class – 2013 Christmas Break (report)

Christmas: Season of Merry – “Shopping”

            Christmas is a season of merry-making but it is also a time for spending money for things. With people in search of gifts for friends and for their family in every places. Together with this, shopping is an in-demand thing to do for this season. However, during this heavy shopping season a good thing to hold onto is a good budget. But having a shoestring budget during this kind of peak shopping season is a challenge. And this is what a group of students had done this Christmas shopping season.

            On the 23rd day of December 2013, a group of nine students consisting of four girls and five boys had undergone this kind of challenge. They were given a total of seven hundred pesos to budget while they were left in the middle of a large shopping center which is called SM Mega Mall. The group decided to divide into two groups. One group consisted of girls and the other of boys. The girls also decided to go to the St. Francis Square which is located just opposite of the SM Mega Mall. They planned to go in there because the products were cheaper than those with the SM Mega Mall. Upon going there, they had to make their way through the thick crowd. There were many shops in the St. Francis Square which made them quite uneasy at which shop to look first. The first series of shops that they went to was those selling accessories and two of the girls decided to buy some of it. Then, they went to the section of the mall were clothes is being sold. In this section, the girls really experienced a great deal of headache in deciding which one to buy. They had calculated how much they needed to spend to buy the clothes they liked. After an hour, they decided to go back to the Mega Mall. Upon arriving there, they planned to watch the movie “Frozen” for the reason that one of them haven’t watched a movie in theaters yet. Since they just bought several things, they had enough money to use to buy tickets for the movie. They also bought popcorn to munch while watching the movie.

            When the movie ended, they decided to meet up with the other group and they went home. Each one of them, experienced a hard time in budgeting the small amount of money during a peak shopping season. However, the experience was something unforgettable because this made the students or even other people experiencing the same thing to consider budgeting a serious matter. Surviving with a shoestring budget during a peak shopping season is something difficult to do but is something worthwhile to delve on because it made the experience a challenging one.


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