No More Hocus Pocus: What It’s Like to Be a Witch in New York City


Just in time for Halloween I had the pleasure of speaking with Starr Ravenhawk, an Elder witch who runs the Wiccan Family Temple Academy of Pagan Studies, a New York City witch school. Here, she sets the record straight on cauldrons, pointy hats and why witches get a bad rap.

Q: Is there any aspect to the witch myth that has some degree of truth to it?

Oh definitely, we love our cauldrons, I’m sorry, we do. In olden times they used it for cooking regular food as well as cooking up their spells. But today we use it strictly for spellwork.

But cauldrons are hard to take care of, cause they’re very strong and heavy and you have to grease it so it doesn’t rust and stuff, so we don’t use it for regular food anymore. And we’re modern day witches, so we’ve got regular pots and stuff.

Q: What about…

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